The Dream of Buying Hunting Land for Sale

buck hunting land for sale

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Owning the land you hunt or fish on is a dream of most any sportsman. Waking up and just heading to your favorite spot on your land, not having to worry about others disturbing the area. Scouting an area where you see signs of a buck leaving his mark or a honey hole of fish in the streams of your property. Knowing that you can go and hunt in that area without others disturbing it can be the key selling point when looking for hunting land for sale.

Living on a piece of hunting land myself, it was great to just walk out my door and right into my tree stand just a few yards away. Yes, I did hunt a few times but my husband was more the avid hunter and fisherman. Where being able to hunt right from our property saved a lot of time and effort when needing to find that deer he put down and dress it out. Instead of having to walk miles back to get your cart or gear, we were able to come inside have a cup of joe, warm up then go back to find the deer.

A Beautiful Site

While another aspect of residing on hunting land is watching the wildlife come through your property in their natural habitat. The years I lived on the property I watched mothers give birth to young ones. Bucks in their rut season establishing the dominance of others in their bachelor group. Daily visits from turkeys. As a hunter, you scout the deer and the path they travel. Residing on hunting land makes this process easier.ย  You will be able to observe the daily rituals of the local deer or animals in your area.

trout hunting land for sale

Licensing on Potential Hunting Land for Sale

According to Virginia Hunting Regulations, Resident or nonresident landowners, their spouses, their children and grandchildren and the spouses of such children and grandchildren, or the landownerโ€™s parents, resident or nonresident, do not need a license to hunt, trap or fish (on inland waters) within the boundaries of their own lands. Which in turn means you can save a lot of money each year in license fees. Depending on what you are interested in fishing or hunting, these costs can add up fairly quickly.

There is a downside to everything!

As people say, there is a downside to everything. Purchasing hunting land for sale can come with a lot of work. Preparing to turn the land into hunting property you will need to study the land and surroundings. Will you be living onย the hunting or fishing property?ย Or will you need to hire a property manager? You will need to learn the habits of animals you want to hunt. Are there even animals to hunt on said property? What is the history of the hunting land for sale? Are there neighbors close by? Is there a water source for animals? What about vegetation?

As with anything, you will want to be an educated buyer. Speak to the previous owner or those who live nearby. Use a realtor who specializes in hunting land for sale. If you do not make an educated decision, you can make a very expensive mistake. In addition, asking the right questions, you could purchase hunting land for sale with trophy bucks. Or a honey hole of trout right in your stream.

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