Virginia Hunting and Fishing Properties

  • Archer Mountain Hunting Club

    Archer Mountain Hunting Club

    PRICE REDUCTION – Enjoy total privacy in a spectacular secluded valley near Wintergreen. Mix of open land and forest with streams and springs and a large potential lake
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  • Rapidan River Land

    Rapidan River Land

    135 acres of private and pristine land just minutes away from Charlottesville, and with nearly 2000 feet of river frontage. This gorgeous piece of land with tons of river
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  • Rapidan Seville

    Rapidan Seville

    Extraordinary mountain views from sunrise to sunset on just shy of 50-acres. Several spectacular building sites. Additional 135-acre adjacent parcel available with 1/2 mile of Rapidan River frontage-
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  • River Park

    River Park

    River Park homestead is truly a hidden parkland with extraordinary Rockfish River frontage, and delightful Blue Ridge Mountain views. The hand crafted timber frame home is sited for
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  • 45 Acres on The Rockfish River

    45 Acres on The Rockfish River

    With over 1000 feet of Rockfish River frontage, glorious mountain views, very fertile river bottom land, and numerous building sites on an elevated plateau, this rare parcel is
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    Escape to the country with a 20 minute drive to Cville! This beautiful parcel has mountain views, multiple building sites, and an amazing pond to keep you cool
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  • Ridge Run Vineyard

    Ridge Run Vineyard

    With 12 acres under vine, a stately 19th century home, and breathtaking Blue Ridge views, this Augusta County property has it all. Ridge Run Vineyard at Rosedale, with
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  • James River Log Home and Retreat

    James River Log Home and Retreat

    SOLD – Magical things do seem to happen as you enter between the stone columns and make your way down the nearly half-mile entry road toward this classic,
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Hunting Land for Sale in Virginia

Whether you’re interested in hunting, fishing, camping, ATV-ing, or all of the above, owning your own Virginia recreational property means having your own slice of nature to escape to. While buying your own hunting land can be a dream come true, there are many factors to consider to ensure that your hunting land meets your expectations. Virginia Estates has decades of experience with Virginia hunting properties and can help you navigate all of the aspects you’ll need to consider to find the right land for your family – and for your preferred game. 


Finding the Right Virginia Hunting Land for You

There are many things to consider if you’re looking at Virginia hunting land for sale to ensure that you’re able to enjoy the land as you see fit. First, when purchasing hunting land, location is essential. You’ll want your hunting land to be reasonably located to you – both away from the city, but close enough to your home that you’re able to visit frequently and easily. If you want to build a cabin, you’ll also need to ensure that there is a dry, level area, preferably near the road to minimize disruptions to wildlife. 

You’ll also need to consider how large of a property would be necessary to hunt your preferred game. Hunting requires significant acreage. On parcels where surrounding land uses great management practices, you can hunt successfully with lower acreage. 

One way to get more answers about the game on a parcel of hunting land is to inquire about existing trail footage from the current owners. If available, this footage will reveal important information about both the quantity and the quality of the game in the area. You can also request to put up your own trail cameras.


The Best Reasons to Buy Your Own Hunting Land

For outdoor recreation enthusiasts, owning your own piece of Virginia hunting land opens up a world of possibilities. While there are countless reasons to buy your own acreage for hunting, here are some of the most significant benefits:

  • Owning your own hunting land means that you can implement best practices for land management to ensure a consistent high quality and quantity of your preferred game. 
  • Owning undeveloped land presents several different sources of revenue that can be tapped. If it’s workable, owners of hunting land can collect hunting fees to allow other local hunters to hunt on the land. You can also harvest timber or lease some of the land for agricultural uses. 
  • Land tends to increase in value, and over time, your investment in Virginia hunting land could become a tremendous source of generational wealth for your children and grandchildren. 


Top Game in Virginia

Virginia is a haven for hunters because its mind climate supports a tremendous range of wildlife. Here are some of the state’s top game:


    • White-tailed deer: The white-tailed deer is the Commonwealth’s largest herbivore. Hunting deer helps to control the population, as they do millions of dollars of damage annually to agriculture and gardens and pose a threat to drivers. 
    • Elk: Elk were reintroduced to Virginia in 2012. Today, more than 250 elk are thriving in the southwestern region of the state. Elk cannot be hunted in regions where restoration efforts are ongoing. 
    • Bear: Virginia hunters are permitted to take down one bear per year. Black bears are found in the Appalachian Mountains and the Piedmont area primarily. 
  • Wild turkey: It is easier to hunt wild turkey in years with a scarcity of natural foods, as the turkey are more likely to come into open clearings and fields to look for food. Migratory game birds: Virginia migratory game birds to hunt include ducks, swans, geese, mergansers, brant, doves, snipe, woodcock, coots, gallinules, moorhens, and rail.
  • Small game: Virginia has many other species of small game that can be hunted, including quail, pheasant, ruffed grouse, rabbit, squirrel, crow, and groundhog.


How to Choose Great Land for Hunting

In order to attract a lot of game, you need to make sure that any potential hunting land has everything that the wildlife needs to survive: water, food, and shelter. Before buying a piece of hunting land, ensure that there are adequate sources of water or that it would be possible to excavate a pond or water troughs along deer trails. If you’re interested in hunting a particular type of Virginia game, you’ll need to make sure that any potential property has a sufficient supply of preferred food in the area. If you need to plant specific crops to attract a certain type of game, make sure that the land is the right soil type. Finally, animals seek out sources of shelter to feel safe during the day, so any potential hunting property should have areas where wildlife can hide. Animals like deer prefer to rest in areas with pine trees, tall grass, or thick brush.

If you’re considering Virginia hunting land for sale, Virginia Estates can guide you through the process from identifying your needs, to locating the right property, to closing on your dream hunting land!