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  • Bringing Game to your Land

    Once you’ve purchased your dream piece of hunting land you’ll need to become a steward of the land in order to maintain and improve it, bringing more wildlife in and keeping them happy and growing. The first step is really getting to know the property. Next you’ll want to consult with experts to develop a land management plan. Then you’ll want to implement that plan and continue to maintain and improve your land. Continue reading

  • How to Plan for Your First Fishing Trip 

    Spring has arrived here in Virginia and now is the time to plan a fun-filled fishing trip. If you have never been fishing before but like the idea of a relaxing lakeside or riverside getaway, then a fishing trip is the perfect afternoon excursion. You ma​y think that you need to buy a lot of equipment and all the latest gadgets to be able to enjoy your fishing adventure. The opposite is true. You need only a small amount of simple tools to begin your perfect Virginia fishing outing. Keep reading below to find out what you need to make your dream fishing trip a reality. 

    Continue reading

  • The Best Fishing Spots in Hampton Virginia

    Hampton, Virginia is a charming beach town located in the Hampton Roads area near Newport News and Virginia Beach. The Hampton Roads area has many wonderful fishing spots where anglers of all ages and abilities can spend their days. Gather your family and take them to one of the lovely fishing spots that you will find listed below.  Continue reading

  • Lake Anna State Park: An angler’s dream vacation spot. 

    About Lake Anna State Park

    Lake Anna is a state park created in 1972 and is located in Louisa, Spotsylvania and Orange counties. The lake is 17 miles long and is set on 13,000 acres of land. It is a popular fishing spot for anglers of all abilities. Centrally located and within easy driving distance of Charlottesville, Richmond, Fredericksburg and Washington DC, this State Park’s lake is a dream location for a summer holiday fishing trip. The park is open from 7am until dusk. The park office and visitors center are open from 8 until 4:30. While you are vacationing and fishing in this beautiful park, you can remain on site by taking advantage of the campsites, yurts, camping cabins, cabins and lodges that are located throughout the park. The southwest side of Lake Anna is private. You can take a drive through the neighborhoods located here but you must be a lucky homeowner or know one in order to gain access to the water for fishing. The northeast side of the lake however is public and those on holiday or enjoying a day of fishing will have easy access to several public ramps and the water in general. Fishing is very popular at Lake Anna and you will find 3 types of fish in abundance in the Lake.  Continue reading

  • Sawyer In The Woods: Thanksgiving Turkey

    It was the morning before Thanksgiving and Sawyer and his father, Abel, were up before dawn. Sawyer was disappointed he couldn’t bring Fred, but he knew the chances of seeing and bagging the cautious and easily spooked bird would be greatly diminished, rather extinguished, if Fred came along. Continue reading

  • Sawyer In The Woods 3- Spring Fishing on the Shenandoah

    Today was the first day of spring bass fishing, for Sawyer anyhow. He wanted to bring Fred, but Abel told Sawyer he’d spend more time chasing after Fred than keeping a line in the water. Sawyer climbed into the middle seat with Abel at the wheel and Bowen on his right side. They rolled down the windows and lurched out of the dirt driveway towards their destination for the day. It was only a fifteen minute drive to where Naked Creek ran into the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. Continue reading

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