Maple Glen Farm

  This 339-acre property rises up from the banks of the trout filled, Rapidan river. It levels out to a series of plains which are flush with potential for the management of cattle or horses, as well as being excellent for grape growing. The property has been certified by the region’s premier vineyard consultant, Chris Hill as being ideal areas to grow “Vitus Vinifera”, or European wine grapes. The soil, altitude, air and climate are specifically suited to the growing of healthy wine grapes.
  The original historic home on the property, built in 1880 is constructed using lumber harvested in the surrounding area and milled on the farm at the Walnut Grove Mill, once a part of the property. Original millstones are still found on the premises. The 3740 sq ft home is modeled in the classic 19th century Virginia style, set in an area of elegant beauty. Two other dwellings on the estate are currently being utilized as rentals.
  With breathtaking views of the nearby Shenandoah National park, the surrounding river, mountains, and sky offer an incredible scenery at every angle. With the surrounding properties and estates protected by conservation easements, the magnificent landscape will remain incredible long into the future.

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