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  • Sawyer In The Woods 3- Spring Fishing on the Shenandoah

    Today was the first day of spring bass fishing, for Sawyer anyhow. He wanted to bring Fred, but Abel told Sawyer heโ€™d spend more time chasing after Fred than keeping a line in the water. Sawyer climbed into the middle seat with Abel at the wheel and Bowen on his right side. They rolled down the windows and lurched out of the dirt driveway towards their destination for the day. It was only a fifteen minute drive to where Naked Creek ran into the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. Continue reading

  • Sawyer In The Woods- Fred (Pt 2)

    Some of Sawyerโ€™s earliest memories were trouncing through the woods with Abel or aging Bowen. In the winter, the snow seemed to be piled up to Sawyerโ€™s waist and after returning from deer hunting one December afternoon he remarked to his mother, Rosa Lynne, โ€œIt was like wading through a pool of mashed potatoes!โ€ In the summer he could hardly see over some of the tall grasses. When a day of local hunting or a trip to the Allegheny Mountains was planned, Sawyerโ€™s excitedness kept him awake at night. Continue reading

  • Sawyer In The Woods

    Sawyer Campbell practically lived in the forest near the base of Shenandoah National Park, in Virginia, when he was growing up. He roamed the mountains around Beldor Hollow in Rockingham County like there were no boundaries, though the markers nailed to trees indicated otherwise. Continue reading

  • Virginia Winter Fishing

    While you may think of fishing as a summer activity for hot afternoons with a cold drink, some of the best fishing in Virginia is actually in the winter! Regardless of where you live in Virginia, thereโ€™s a prize fish to be found on the end of your line in the coming months.ย  Continue reading